Universal Key Return System

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Absolute Privacy and Security for Recovery of Lost Key Rings

Blue Planet Security produces and sells both Stock and Custom Key Tags for individuals and institutional buyers.

Universal Key Return is for professional/commercial/governmental use only. Some institutional buyers want their identification and key return information on their tags. Others want security and privacy foremost. Is it really a good idea to have a key tag telling people exactly what property the keys will likely work at? Why risk burglary, property damage and putting employees at risk.

Blue Planet's Universal Key Return System provides absolute security and privacy for institutions, government and medium or big business in a convenient way.

You can use our system for minimal cost. You can print your own key tags or buy key tags from anyone you want, not just from us. If you are purchasing our custom tags, you can certainly use our Universal Key Return system to simplify key return and maintain security.

Simply print our url and your 4-digit customer id number on the tags. Our url is short and easy: BPPRN.COM. That is an acronym for "Blue Planet Property Recovery Network." On the home page is (or will be shortly) an text entry box. If your key ring is lost, the finder can visit the site and enter in your customer id number. The system will then display a page of information to allow the person to return the keys. You can provide as much information or as little information as you like. For instance, you could designate one person and a private mobile phone to recover lost keys for maximum privacy and security. Or you could give your name and address and ask people to return them in person or mail them in, together with other contact information. You can indicate if there is a reward and any other information you want.

Using the Universal Key Return System starts at only $9.95 for 100 key chains, $19.95 for 500, $29.95 for 1,000 and $49.95 for up to 5,000. This is a yearly subscription and re-bills automatically. Contact us for quotes for larger numbers.

This is on the honor system. We do have a rather good idea of the percentages of key rings that could be lost in a year. Thus abuse of the system can result in cancellation of your service following proper notice.

We also have the Universal Property Return System which comes with weatherproof labels and allows you to print as many labels as you want for your personal property. It is not intended for keys. It can be used for any other type of personal property.

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